We are your cloud experts.  Whether you’re just beginning to consider going to cloud or are ready to begin migration to cloud, your i3Core cloud experts will evaluate your goals and work with you to select the right cloud provider and design the perfect solution.  We offer a variety of cloud professional services that help you achieve your business goals. From requirement analysis to solution and maintenance, we recognize the importance of each phase and makes every effort to understand your needs. 


Application Migration

We make migrating your application to cloud painless.  Whether you are thinking of migrating a single application or multiple applications, i3Core processes and procedures make the migration process simple.  We help you determine migration requirements, timeframes and help migrate your application.

Cloud Hybrid Architecture

Let i3Core cloud SMEs architect your cloud solution.  We will help you pick the best-fit technologies, platforms and mash them together for a hybrid outcome that can deliver capacity on demand, whether for short-term projects or longer-term initiatives.  We can help with front-end platform (fat client, thin client, mobile device), back end platforms (servers, storage), a cloud-based delivery, and a network (Internet, Intranet, Intercloud).

Simple Yet Secure

I3Core simplifies transitioning to the cloud whether your business is moving to Development as a Service (DaaS), Data as a Service (DaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).  We can take you there and, in every step, we ensure your data is protected.  We add extra layers of security to keep the bad guys out of your data.